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Flirt: The Reviews

The reviews are starting to come in for Flirt. Read them all here.

Flirt: The Interviews
Spring, 2008 Biblioasis
Hear & Read Excerpts from the Interviews
Each story in Flirt: The Interviews is a bogus one-on-one with a famous person—athletes, musicians, writers—and a pastiche of source material—interviews, biographies, news accounts. The chats are conducted by a woman who can’t stop talking about herself. Everything is about her, from Richard Ford’s feelings about landscape and Bobby Orr’s oft-injured knee, to Ian Tyson’s cowboy lyrics, Alice Munro’s motherhood, Janet Gretzky’s curves, and Markus Naslund’s spirituality. Flirt might be a comic essay on adolescent grief. Or a comic essay on creativity. But mostly it’s a collection of heartbreaking, slyly erotic and hilarious short fictions.
Bloggers get Cold-Cocked

After beating the traditional bushes to try and get some play, we sent review copies of Cold-cocked: On Hockey to some of the leading hockey bloggers in the land. Here's what they have to say:
On Frozen Blog
Hockey Blog in Canada
Scarlett Ice
Untypical Girls
Women's Sports Blog

Interviewed: Sounds Like Canada

Listen to Shelagh Rogers' interview with LJ on “Sounds Like Canada”, CBC Radio One. Originally aired Wednesday, January 9th.

Cold-cocked scores non-fiction nomination

The jury for the BC Award for Canadian Non-Fiction—the largest non-fiction book prize in Canada—has announced the long list for 2008 and Cold-cocked: On Hockey made the honoured ten.

Cold-cocked: On Hockey - In Stores Now!!

Cold-cocked looks at the game through a woman’s eyes and heart but is written with a sportswriter’s energy and rigor, a hip cultural critic’s cynicism and wit, and a fan’s limitless passion. Cold-cocked gets inside the NHL machine and tells what it looks and feels like—good and bad—to get close to the action. It’s the first book to explore a woman’s take on the game poet Al Purdy called a “combination of ballet and murder.” What do Derek Sanderson’s bad-boy image and face-off prowess, Borje Salming’s sexy underwear ad, Gary Roberts’ workouts, and Todd Bertuzzi’s face mean to fans of the game? Cold-cocked sees nostalgia, inspiration and beauty, where others see only stats and scores.
Read the reviews:
"‘Cold-cocked’: The Hit of Hockey" by Geoff D'Auria, The Tyee Oct. 5, 2007
"Cold-cocked burns with hockey's passions" by Brian Lynch, The Georgia Straight Oct. 4, 2007
"Woman on the rink" by Joe Wiebe, Vancouver Sun Sept. 15, 2007
“A real triumph and a book hockey fans deserve. Cold-cocked deserves a place in the pantheon. Absolutely one of the best hockey books of our era.”   - Dave Bidini, author of Tropic of Hockey
“Lorna Jackson’s honest love of the sport earns her the right to see it with surgical eyes, and lay the game bare with her trademark wit. Touched by brilliance, these are insights fresh as can be, with not a post-game cliché to be found. She’s no mere spectator; she’s a player.” - Bill Gaston, author of Midnight Hockey

Blog 1.0

It may seem much too early to think about hockey, but some of us have to. Cold-cocked: on Hockey will officially hit bookstore shelves the first week of September. Readying herself, Lorna's started a blog for the book, which can be found here:

If you're into hockey, and you feel like a test drive of the wit, wordplay, swagger and street smarts she'll bring to her interpretation of the game, check in on Cold-cocked: the blog.